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TestFlight TOS & Privacy Changes

TestFlight changed their terms of service and privacy policy on 18 Feb 2014.

As is depressingly routine in this scenario, they conveniently neglected to provide the changes in a readily reviewable format. You just get a link to the current policy; no past policy, no diff.

Thanks to and opendiff, I was able to review the changes side-by-side.

Terms of Service

Aside from some wording changes, the big changes are:

  • New section with “we can shut this thing down at any time, suckers”.
  • Shift in court venue from LA to Northern District of California.
  • Removal of arbitration option, previously offered for amounts less than $10,000.

Oh, and FlightPath goes bye-bye.

Privacy Policy

Privacy changes are innocuous. Mostly rewording of existing stuff.

  • Merged contact URL from separate ones for testflight and flightpath to just

  • Addressed Do Not Track, which they ignore, because they don’t have any 3rd-party trackers on their page.

Though they did manage to work “national security” in there, just because it’s the legal buzzword of the year.