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Hi! I’m Jeremy.

Around 2000, I read K&R. I didn’t actually care about C. I wanted to write LPC to hack on the MUD Muddy Waters. LPC is an odd-duck offshoot of C: an interpreted language with a prototypal object system. (Some folks are still using it for non-MUD software under the name of Pike.)

In 2008, I found myself working as a software engineer writing Objective-C. Objective-C is an odd-duck offshoot of C: a compiled language with a Smalltalk object system.


Most of my online socializing happens on Pnut.io.

I stream highlights from reading to Pnut (using the share extension of Dominik Hauser’s Phazel) and Twitter (using Tweetbot).

Longer thoughts and reading notes end up on this blog, or sometimes at my employer’s blog.




I find myself fascinated by systems. I’ve focused on languages, math/CS, and random DIY pursuits like textiles and home improvement. The latter might seem surprising, but houses are full of systems: the way a structure is arranged to bear weight, electrical cabling painstakingly routed and wired together, plumbing soldered, and HVAC cobbled together to make the place comfortable.