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Maybe you like what I write, maybe you’d like to read things I like, yeah?


Some highlights off the top of my head:

  • Michael J. Tsai’s blog is essential reading if you’re following the Cocoasphere (iOS/Mac/other Apple platforms). You can just follow his blog and rest assured you’re getting the “greatest hits” with well-chosen selections therefrom.
  • David R. Maciver is creating the state of the art in property-based testing through Hypothesis. Moreover, he’s aiming to popularize it by making it simultaneously more effective and more approachable than past efforts in the area. If you’re writing software, and it isn’t perfect, you should be following his work closely, and thinking hard about putting it to work for you.
  • Ron Jeffries and Liz Keogh are worth not just following but mining their back catalog of writing for insights. Both write more broadly about the practice and process of software development rather than focusing on the vagaries of a specific platform. Jeffries has done us the favor of condensing much of his wisdom into a book, The Nature of Software Development; I hope Ms Keogh graces us with one in the fullness of time, as well.
  • Oluseyi Sonaiya publishes software-industrial criticism with a broader timescale in mind, and less tolerance for Silicon Valley bullshit, than can be found most other places.
  • Mark Guzdial is one of very few US Computer Science professors researching CS education. This naturally includes a fair bit of general education information; it appears humans learn CS much like they learn anything else – surprise! If you’re responsible for teaching or learning anything in a vaguely classroomish setting, you can most likely benefit from what you’ll learn by osmosis through following his work.

There are many other great authors out there, but they might not have published recently enough to float to the top of my recency-biased recollection. An export of my current subscriptions can be downloaded as OPML here; a formatted version follows below.

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